Pearl Meat cooking tipsCooking Tips

Hot Pastrami Sandwich
Steam pastrami using a pot and strainer until hot. Try adding a little mustard to the water for a little extra flavoring. It is not recommended to place pastrami directly into water, it will dilute the pastrami flavor.

Grilled Frankfurts / Knockwurst
Make small slits in frankfurt, place on grill, and grill to liking.

Boiled Frankfurts / Knockwurst
Bring water to boil, add frankfurt, reduce heat and
simmer for 7-10 minutes or until hot.

Corned Beef
Stove Top
Remove wrapper, place in kettle and cover with cold water. Heat until water boils. Reduce heat and simmer
until meat is fork tender. May be served hot or cold.
Remove wrapper, place in microwaveable dish with lid. Pierce brisket several times, add 2 cups of water and
cover. Cook on high until water boils. Turn brisket over, cook on medium 25-30 minutes.
Pearl has been producing old world style deli meats and frankfurters for over 60 years. Beginning with a unique blend of spices and authentic flavor, Pearl's old world style frankfurters and deli meats are marinated and slow cooked in a state of the art facility, never sacrificing quality and flavor for a timely product.

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