About Pearl Meat

Management team:
Robert Camelio, Sr. - President/CEO
Andy Zupan - Vice President Sales
Robert Camelio, Jr. - Vice President Operations
Peggy O'Neil - Controller
Brent Wyman - Quality Control

Modern 42,000 sq. ft. plant
Pearl Meat Packing Co.,Inc.
27 York Avenue
Randolph MA 02368
Telephone: 800 462-3022, 781 228-5100
Fax: 781 228-5123

Our Brands:
Pearl Kountry Klub
O'Leary's Claddagh
Private Labeling

ASI audited as excellent
USDA est. 424
Founded in 1947, Pearl Meat Packing Co.,Inc.
has operated with the same ownership group for
more than 25 years.

Pearl Meat CustomersIt's been half a century since the local butcher serviced his customers from behind the meat case, but Pearl Packing Company, Inc. keeps that tradition of "standing behind their products" alive in today's ever-evolving marketplace.

With a firm foundation that traces back through generations of carefully crafted deli meats, roasts, frankfurters and specialty items, Pearl has earned a reputation for
old-world attention to detail while embracing modern trends and providing their clients with the best of both worlds.
Pearl has been producing old world style deli meats and frankfurters for over 60 years. Beginning with a unique blend of spices and authentic flavor, Pearl's old world style frankfurters and deli meats are marinated and slow cooked in a state of the art facility, never sacrificing quality and flavor for a timely product.

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